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Photography in Port Charlotte County
Make your own soft-box for macro photography    
To begin making my Speedlight soft-box materials are needed. I chose a corrugated plastic sheets for toughness and it's pretty light. Using a marker I trace the outline needed keeping in mind a space required for a diffuser material. You can click on the image to the right and print it to get a rough dimension. The one end that is critical is where your strobe fits into the box. Measure your stobe for this dimension. Cut out each piece using a razor blade.  
I'll use several one inch pieces of tape to hold all the pieces together to get a feel if my parts will fit properly. Now I remove all tap flatten out each part and apply two sided tape.  
Leave the narrow end of all parts without any glue/tape. This is where the soft-box fits onto you flash. Make sure all other areas are covered so your metallic surface will adhere to it.  
I like to use aluminum foil for my reflector material. I'll first cripple it just a little so light emitting from the my flash will distribute more evenly. Than lay on the glue/tape and smooth out.  
Using an razor blade cut off excessive material.  
Check all your parts making sure you have left room with nothing on the area where your flash is attached.  
I use small pieces of tape to fold and rough fit the box together. Than using black electrical tape I finish putting together the sides. The area with no material is where Velcro is placed. You'll now have a large opening and a much smaller one for your flash. For a diffuser material I bought a $6 plastic file box. I chose this because of price, durability and diffusion qualities.  
Lay the large opening to your box onto a diffusion material and trace the outline needed. Cut out the mercurial and also tape to you light box. All that is needed now is a little bit of Velcro on your flash and you have a really cheap but effective light box.  
I use this inexpensive box on and off the camera. On the camera gives me great soft light for macro field work and in the studio I'll use it as a fill light. Happy hunting.  

DIY light-box
Macro Sample Shot with DIY Light-box (1/60th sec, f/14, ISO-400)
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