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DOF Hyperfocal - Camera Shooting with wide angle lens:

What the heck is DOF Hyperfocal? This is a popular pro photography technique shooting great depth of field with a wide angle lens. Usually I'm using a 15-30 mm zoom lens on a digital 35 camera. Max out the f-stop usually around f22 and have the subject just inches from the lens with a complimentary background and bang...image with impact.

Use a DOF hyperfocal chart to correspond distance with aperture helps determine the focus. I prefer manual focus as a must. Most cameras will allow you to turn off Auto Focus.

Get on the same prospective plane as the subject also helps improve the impact of the scene. It's simple.

Three samples of Camera Hyperfocal technique. The shell is an extreme use. It can be appied to people with tools as with the doctor. The sandel is a relative mild use.
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