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Photgrapher Techniques Photography in Port Charlotte County

Welcome to my photographic tips and techniques page.
Here you will find beginner to advance to compositional techniques used to create more interesting and professional photographs

1) Intermediate Photography technique - How to photograph coins and other small shiny objects
2) Intermediate Photography technique - How to photograph great nighttime city lights
3) Advanced Photography technique - How to photograph a laboratory scene with a laser beam in it
4) Tips Photography tip - Quick scouting new locations
5) Intermediate Photography tip - Hyperfocal, Shooting with a wide angle lens
6) Beginner Photography Composition - Rule of thirds
7) Beginner Essentials for Good Landscape Photography
8) Intermediate Photography tip - Portraits, what it takes to shoot good portraits
9) Advanced Photography tip Using Colored Gels on Lights
10) Advanced Open Flash – Painting with light
11) Advanced Knife Forged by Fire Concept
12) Advanced Shooting & Processing Star Trails
13) Intermediate/Advanced Do it yourself macro light-box
14) Intermediate/Advanced Two light Studio Set for Commercial Photograph





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